What to do If You Break a Tooth

It’s first thing Monday morning, and you’re in a rush to get everyone out the door on time. You turn around, bump a glass of water off the counter and reach down to pick it up, when you suddenly slip and hit your mouth on the side of the cabinet door.


That’s when you realize it: you just broke a tooth. You pause for a second and see the broken fragment on the floor when you feel the panic setting in.


First Things First

Pick up the broken tooth and put it in a sealed container, immersing it in milk, contact solution, or your own saliva (if the container is small enough.) You can also tuck it inside of your cheek if you’re sure you won’t swallow it.


Check for Bleeding

Apply a clean washcloth or tissue and bite down to stop any bleeding. If you’re in pain, an icepack against the side of your mouth can help.


Call the Dentist

The sooner you can see an emergency dentist in Brighton or Ferntree Gully, the better. In most cases, you want to get to the dentist within the first hour. Call the office immediately to let them know what has happened and we’ll direct you what to do next. In most cases, it will be for you to come straight to our office.


Emergency Dentist in Brighton and Ferntree Gully

Centre for Dentistry offers fast, attentive emergency dental care for new and existing patients. We’ll do everything possible to see you straightaway, but if you’re calling after hours we can return your message and walk you through the next steps.


Getting professional emergency dental treatment within the first 1-2 hours is the most important thing you can do to save your tooth. Call our dental office for assistance.