Periodontics (Gum Treatments)


Periodontology (Periodontics) focuses on the supporting structures of teeth, as well as conditions and diseases that can impact them. Root Planing and Scaling (Deep Cleaning, also known as Periodontal Therapy) is the process of cleaning deep underneath the gums on the root surfaces.

To ensure patient comfort, this procedure is often performed under Local Anaesthesia and may be done across several appointments.

Deep Cleaning may be recommended by our Dental Professionals if you have a build-up of Calculus (Tartar) and Bacteria surrounding the base of your teeth or if the gums surrounding your tooth have started to shrink away. Leaving this build-up untreated can cause Periodontal Pockets (Pinhole-Shaped grooves that form and penetrate underneath the gums), that can fill with Bacteria and Calculus over time. In more severe cases, untreated Periodontal issues can lead to Bone Loss and Periodontal (Gum) Disease.
Whilst some patients may require regular Periodontal Therapy to sustain health and prevent further deterioration, in the majority of cases you can return to Regular Maintenance (Dental Check-up & Clean) Appointments, as long as you maintain excellent Oral Hygiene at home and ensure you don’t miss any of the Appointments, as per our Dentist or Dental Hygienist’s recommendations.


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