How To Decide If Sleep Dentistry Is Right For You

What problems does sleep dentistry solve?

Sleep dentistry solves a wide number of common problems that clients face when considering oral care and dental treatment. Thus there are many reasons why sleep dentistry may be the right choice for you. Following are the most common:

  • Negative past experiences that have caused dental phobia
  • A lengthy and/or complex procedure
  • Wanting to have all or most of your treatment done in one appointment
  • Desiring the most comfortable treatment process possible
  • Behavioural concerns that inhibit a child from sitting still for a prolonged period of time
  • Hypersensitive gag reflex or teeth

Is sedation dentistry safe?

Absolutely, at Melbourne centre for dentistry we take the utmost care to ensure our patients are as safe as possible. Our dentists conduct a thorough screening process before completing any sedation appointment.

At our dental clinics, we will conduct a full review of your past medical and dental history. This involves consideration of any allergies, recent surgeries, negative experiences sedatives in the past and diagnosed health concerns just to name a few.

Our dentists may have to communicate with your primary doctor or health care provider in order to discuss specific concerns we may have.

In culmination with this extensive screening process we also hire only the most expert and well trained and fully licensed sleep dentists at both our Brighton and Ferntree Gully dental clinics, with all our dentists constantly seeking the best practices in oral care and sleep dentistry.

What forms of sleep dentistry do we offer?

Our clinics offer a range of sleep dentistry depending on the treatment you need and the level of your anxiety. We provide sleep dentistry options for children, adults and the elderly. Our full range of sedative options allows us to tailor your sleep dental procedure specifically to you resulting in the most comfortable treatment experience possible.

  1. Nitrous oxide (Happy Gas/Laughing gas) –The most mild form of sedation available, delivered in the form of gas inhaled through a soft nose piece. “Laughing gas”as it is colloquial known as due to the state of light-heartedness it induces. This non invasive form of sedation allows you to relax and undergo a smooth treatment while marinating consciousness
  2. Oral sedation – Oral sedation is one step up from laughing gas in terms of level of sedation, delivered through a convenient pill. Like laughing gas during this form of sedation you will stay conscious and is thus a good option for those who do not need or want to be fully sedated during treatment or have a phobia of needles.
  3. General Anaesthesia- General anaesthesia is for those patients who require to be fully “asleep” during treatment, it allows patients to have a large amount of treatments done at once thus not having to come in for multiple sessions, it allows patients with a high level of anxiety to undergo treatment whilst “sleeping”, without having to consciously experience getting treatment.

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