Is My Dental Condition a True Emergency?

You just accidentally chipped a tooth. You’re not in any pain, but the broken enamel doesn’t feel all that great either. Do you call your dentist immediately to find out what you should do next? If you don’t have a dentist at all, is there one in Brighton or Ferntree Gully that offers same day emergency dentistry? Yes. But first, here’s where you should start…


Are you in pain?

The top priority for all emergency dentists is to alleviate your pain and save your damaged tooth. But if you know something is wrong and you’re not in pain, you may be able to book your exam for your next availability, rather than rushing straight into the dentist’s office.


Can you go about your normal daily activities?

Eating is something that everyone needs to do multiple times per day. But if you can’t eat — or talk — due to a specific dental issue, it’s not ok. There could be a damaged tooth nerve or abscess that requires immediate attention before the infection spreads into other areas of the mouth. Don’t try to tough your way through normal activities; a good emergency dentist can help.


Is the situation causing embarrassment?

If you’ve chipped or broken a front tooth, you may not find it possible to go to work or school looking as it does. Maybe you have a job that calls for being in front of other people and maintaining a polished, professional appearance. Even if your tooth doesn’t hurt very badly (if at all,) you should call a dentist to see how quickly they can see you.


Do you have a dentist that you’re already seeing?

Centre for Dentistry is happy to assist you with your emergency dental needs. Whether we’ve seen you before or you’re calling our Brighton and Ferntree Gully dentist for the first time, we’re glad to help. Call now for assistance!


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