Should I Get My Teeth Whitened?

You’ve been on the fence about teeth whitening for a while, but now that you are ready to pamper yourself, you’re having second thoughts.

When, if there is one, is the right time to whiten your teeth?

Although there’s not one correct answer for everyone, here are some of the most common situations where we recommend teeth whitening to our Brighton and Ferntree Gully patients.


If You’re About to Plan a Smile Makeover

Whitening is an essential part to other aspects of cosmetic dentistry. Starting with a brighter palate allows us to match your new restorations to whiter teeth, rather than the darker shade they may be currently.


When You Have a Big Event Coming Up

Planning a wedding? Want to give a special gift to a new graduate? Did you finally land an interview for your dream job? Consider whitening your teeth to look your best on your big day.


For a Pick-Me-Up

Teeth whitening is a fast and affordable smile makeover when you want to improve the appearance of your teeth without more complex aesthetic treatment.


Before You Get Porcelain Restorative Treatment

Do you have a new crown, bonding, or filling planned for a front tooth? If you think there’s any chance that later on you may want to whiten your teeth, you should do it before the restoration is placed (because their shade is constant.)


If You’re Too Young for Veneers

Teens make great candidates for professional teeth whitening, but it’s not until they’re older when we recommend something like getting veneers. If you have a student who feels self-conscious about the way their smile looks, then whitening could be a great investment.


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