Should I Get Sedation for My Next Dental Procedure?

You’ve probably heard about sedation at the dentist’s office. At Centre for Dentistry, we offer relaxing sedation options at both our Brighton and Ferntree Gully locations. Here are a few reasons why you might want to request this service during your next visit:


If You’ve Been Putting off Treatment Because of Anxiety

Delaying your dental treatment only allows time for conditions to get worse. Instead of waiting until you’re in too much pain to bear, it’s best to treat tooth decay and dental infections early. Sedation can help you do that.


When You Want Everything Done at Once

Sedation dentistry is ideal for situations where you need a longer procedure completed, or have multiple treatments that you would prefer are performed on the same day. Since you won’t think twice about the length of the visit, sedation dentistry makes it possible to “catch up” on most of, if not all, your treatment.


A Negative Dental Experience in the Past

Maybe you’ve had a fear of the dentist since you were a child. Perhaps there was an experience that has stuck with you and you just haven’t been able to shake it. With sedation, you can feel confident that your visit will be calm, collected, and tailored to creating a positive experience that changes the way you think about going to the dentist.


“Just to Relax”

You might be someone who loves going to the dentist, but would prefer if you could just sit back and feel as comfortable as possible during your treatment. Sedation is a great choice! We have milder to more moderate sedatives that can be used so that you’ll feel well rested and comfortable.


Centre for Dentistry is committed to ensuring your safety and comfort during every visit. Contact our Brighton or Ferntree Gully dentists today to learn more about sedation dentistry options.