Why Should I Get Dental Implants?

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If you need to replace a missing tooth, there’s a good chance you’ve heard about dental implants. A technique that has drastically improved over the past few decades, implants are now the preferred option for tooth replacement in healthy adults.

 Safer for Your Other Teeth

 Traditional tooth replacement treatments often require reshaping or filing down the adjacent teeth, so that a restoration such as a bridge can be anchored over them. With implants, your “new” tooth stands independently from the others, making it non-invasive to your other healthy teeth. Even when multiple-teeth are involved, you can opt to have an implant-supported bridge as opposed to a partial that clasps around other teeth.

 A Longer Lasting Investment

 No dental treatment offers a better return on investment than dental implants. While an implant may initially cost more at the beginning, they wind up being the most cost-effective solution in the long run. Why? Because most dental implants last for an entire lifetime and never need to be replaced.

 Improved Bone Health

 As we age, the bone in our jaws shrinks. Having a tooth pulled can speed this process up even more, making our profile look sunken in or older than it really is. Implants do the opposite: stimulating new bone growth where they are placed.

 Increased Comfort and Confidence

Wearing a removable denture or partial is fine for a lot of people. For others, the prosthesis feels cumbersome or even creates sore spots on their gums. Implants eliminate the need to wear anything removable, so you can smile and eat all day long without worrying about feeling uncomfortable.

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