Dental Extractions


Some patients will elect to have a tooth extracted (taken out). This could be because they are suffering with an infected or badly broken tooth that is causing a horrible tooth ache, because a wisdom tooth is trying to push through on a strange angle, or perhaps even due to another issue like advanced periodontal disease.

There are several options available to patients who need a tooth extracted but would still like a functioning ‘tooth’ in that space. If you elect to have an extraction, your dentist may discuss some of these options with you, which sometimes include the placement of dental implants, dentures or a bridge.

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A process called Bone Grafting may be suggested to you as an option, as this is most commonly placed at the time of the extraction. Bone Grafting isn’t as scary as it sounds. Put simply, it is the process of adding a substance to the extraction site to prevent the bone from shrinking away as quickly as it otherwise would.

In other words, it tries to stop the site from changing too much, which allows the option of dental implants in the near future.
Our clinic offers multiple forms of Sedation, for those a little anxious at the prospect of an extraction. Options range from ‘Happy Gas’ (Nitrous oxide) through to General Anaesthesia, if required. Speak to your dentist today about which option might be suitable for you.


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