What to Expect at Your Child’s First Dental Appointment

Are you bringing your child to Centre for Dentistry for their first checkup? You may be wondering how to prepare your son or daughter (or yourself) for that important first visit to our Brighton or Ferntree Gully family practice.

Depending on your child’s age, the initial dental visit will look something like this:


A Tour of the Office: If you haven’t been here before, we’ll show you around and give you a chance to meet the staff. 

A Few “Pictures”: Older children may have a couple of X-rays taken to assess their orofacial and tooth development. Radiographs allow us to screen for cavities not visible during a clinical exam. 

An Exam with the Dentist: Our dentist will discuss any specific concerns or questions with you and your child. Next, we’ll use a mirror to look at the teeth and screen for any abnormal findings or irregularities in oral development. Early diagnosis helps us take steps to avoid unnecessary treatment later on!

Preventative Services: Is your child comfortable having his or her teeth polished, cleaned, or sealed? We’ll work at their own pace, gradually building up to routine steps that you complete during your own cleaning appointments. Today it might just be brushing a little bit of fluoride on their teeth, next time it could be a full cleaning. We want to create a great first impression that is a positive memory for your child.

Education: Most dental problems are preventable. We’ll work with our paediatric patients and their families to form good habits (from brushing and flossing to choosing healthy snacks) that keep teeth strong for years to come.


Centre for Dentistry makes it convenient for Brighton and Ferntree Gully families to schedule their checkups in one location. Call us today to book you or your child’s next visit!


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