Easy Ways to Enhance Your Smile

smile makeover

Are you looking to give your smile a pick-me-up? Maybe you have a job interview planned, were asked to go on a blind date, or are tired of seeing dull teeth in photographs. Whatever your personal reason is, Centre for Dentistry has easy ways to accentuate your most important accessory: your smile.


Schedule a Regular Cleaning

During your scale and clean, we’ll remove any dark tartar deposits and safely polish away surface stains. You’ll have a fresher, brighter surface that reflects great oral health.


Whiten Your Teeth

Teeth whitening is safe, affordable, and efficient. You can choose to use a take-home kit or have a same day procedure in our Brighton or Ferntree Gully office. See years of discoloration gently lift away, revealing whiter teeth than you’ve ever had before. For faster results, whiten after your scale and clean.


Bond Over Minor Discrepancies

Small chips, gaps, or discolorations can be patched over with noninvasive dental bonding. This tooth coloured material matches your enamel. When shaped over your teeth, it makes them appear whole and flawless. Bonding only takes one appointment to complete, and no numbing is necessary!


Change Out Old Fillings

Do you have visible metal fillings or leaky margins with discoloration on your teeth? Consider replacing old restorations with new, tooth-coloured fillings. If the area is too large to fill, we can create a porcelain crown instead.


Need Something More Dramatic?

Consider getting dental veneers. Our custom porcelain designs can be handcrafted to your unique preferences. Everything from the shade to the shape is customizable. While veneers usually take two appointments to complete, they offer the most dramatic results possible when it comes to a smile makeover.


We Have Something for Everyone

Schedule a no-pressure consultation at Centre for Dentistry to find out which cosmetic solution is right for you!