Dental Fillings in Brighton, Ferntree Gully and Surrounds

Dental Fillings

The aim of Dental Fillings are to provide a treatment which re-builds the functionality of the tooth, whilst taking into consideration the Aesthetic (Cosmetic) appearance. This can be as simple as a small filling, whereas in other cases, larger fillings may be required.

Our Experienced Dentists are also able to replace older fillings which may have worn down over time or have discoloured due to the conditions in the mouth. Both Temporary and Permanent Dental Fillings are offered by our Team, each hand-sculpted from a range of Dental materials to suit the constraints of each tooth.

dental filling

We allocate Emergency Appointment slots daily to allow for urgent treatments, like Dental Fillings.
If you think that you might needs a Dental Filling, feel free to reach out to our Team to see how we could help you.


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