Could Your Headache be Tooth-Induced?

Are you suffering from unexplained headaches?  Most people are unaware that headaches can be tooth-induced.  Here are a few things to think about:


Bruxism is a habit that involves clenching and grinding your teeth together. Some people do this during the day. Many do it in their sleep and are unaware of it.  If your headaches are usually in the morning when you wake up, it is likely that you are clenching or grinding at night.

If you are, the most popular treatment is a bite splint.  Residents of Brighton and Ferntree Gully of Victoria can contact Centre for Dentistry to have one custom made.


Malocclusion, such as misaligned teeth and jaws can also cause pain. If your teeth don’t come together like they should, then your jaw likely needs to put itself into a compromised position in order to function when you eat or talk.  This puts extra strain on your jaw, which just like with bruxism, can cause headaches.


Sinus pressure can be confused with a toothache. Even if you struggle regularly with sinus infections, it can easily trick your first symptom in tooth pain.  Many patients that come to our office will say they have a toothache.  In many number of cases, the patient is experiencing pain from sinus pressure rather than an actual tooth.

This pain is easily confused because the roots of our upper teeth can be located inside the sinus cavities, which are found under our eyes. Pressure in the sinuses also places pressure on our                teeth.           


If you suspect your headaches may be tooth-induced, then give us a call.  Centre for Dentistry has two locations to conveniently provide you with exceptional dentistry close to home.  We are located in both Brighton and Ferntree Gully of Victoria.  Schedule your appointment today.