Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus & Dental Services

At Melbourne centre for dentistry we understand the serious nature of Coronavirus (COVID-19) & how it is impacting the community at large.

Given the current status of Coronavirus (COVID-19) being declared as a pandemic, we write this blog post in order to keep our patients and the wider community informed on how to best navigate seeking dental treatment.

Below we outline the number of measures we are taking in order to ensure our patients are able to receive dental treatment in a healthy and safe environment.

Firstly, do not let the current COVID-19 situation deter you from seeking dental treatment, as all of Australia’s health bodies have already stated including the prime minister, the situation is not currently so severe that we are unable to go about our daily lives, and especially not severe enough that we should hesitate to seek medical care in Australia.

Secondly, the dental industry is uniquely better prepared for the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.  In comparison to other types of healthcare providers, the standard of infection control in the dentist industry is already so high, you can be assured our dental clinics at both Brighton and Ferntree Gully will be the most sterile places during this outbreak.

Lastly, we have adopted patient screening procedures to ensure our clinics are not exposed to carriers of COVID-19 in the first place. We do not accept patients that have travelled to high risk countries in the last 3 weeks or who may think they have been exposed to anyone who is positive or exhibiting any symptoms associated with COVID-19.

We must all stay vigilant in order to stem the spread of COVID-19 in avoiding close social contact as much as possible and maintaining strict personal hygiene protocols. However, we should not allow the current situation to deter us from seeking medical treatment not related to COVID-19, as that can be the most detrimental thing for our health.

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