Four Facts About Childhood Tooth Decay

child with tooth decay

If you’re a parent, you know that your child depends on you to keep them healthy. It’s the same when it comes to their smile. You help them brush, floss, and choose healthy foods that are great for their teeth. But when an unexpected cavity pops up, there are a few important things every parent needs to know.   Cavities in Baby Teeth Spread Quickly  Tooth decay is a bacterial infection that will continue expanding unless it’s physically removed. Baby teeth are not as dense as adult ones, so cavities can grow very quickly. An untreated cavity today may be … Continue reading

What Parents Need to Know About Tooth Decay in Children

When a child has a cavity in one of their teeth, it can lead parents to ask, “Is it best to pull the tooth? After all, they’ll be losing this tooth eventually anyway.” As simple of a question as it is, there is a long and complex reason for why dentists recommend filling cavities in children’s teeth as early as possible. To understand why, it’s essential to grasp the following concepts:   Baby (Primary) Teeth Decay Rapidly A small cavity in a baby tooth can expand at a rapid pace, usually much faster than what we would see in an … Continue reading