Caring for Your New Crown

Now that your new crown is in place, you may feel like everything is back to normal. But the truth is to get the most time out of your crown possible, you need to take a few extra measures to ensure it’s well cared for. Here’s what every Brighton and Ferntree Gully crown patient should know about their new restoration:


Flossing Isn’t Optional

 The margin along the edge of your crown is an easy place for plaque to accumulate throughout the day. If left alone, it can irritate the gums and progress into periodontitis. You will want to clean along the gums and between the teeth each day with floss.

Some people fear that flossing around their new crown will pull it off. Fortunately, dental cement is very durable, and this is quite uncommon. A crown will only come off with floss if the bond isn’t strong enough or new decay is developing underneath.


Brush with Care

 Like natural teeth, dental crowns should be brushed carefully and with non-abrasive toothpaste. Use a soft toothbrush with slow, precise movements rather than a stiff-bristled brush and aggressive strokes.


Added Protection

Clenching and grinding can place unnecessary stress on your crown, or any of your teeth for that matter. After investing time and money in dental care, people with grinding or clenching habits may find it helpful to wear a protective mouthguard at night.


Schedule a Checkup Every Six Months

During your regular cleaning and exam visits, we’ll evaluate the margins around your crown to make sure new infection isn’t setting in. X-rays will be taken periodically to assess your tooth in areas that aren’t visible during your exam.


If you have any questions about your new crown, be sure to call Centre for Dentistry or ask us during your next checkup!