Dental Bone Grafting and Augmentation

Bone Grafting (Augmentation)

When considering the placement of a Dental Implant and before most Extractions, our Dentists might discuss with you a Dental Treatment called Bone Grafting or Bone Augmentation.

Dependant on the amount of readily-available bone support in the area, we may recommend for you to have Granules of Bone (Artificial or Real) placed into the site where a tooth is going to be extracted (taken out) or is already missing. Many different materials can be used to preserve or improve the level of Bone-Support in the area. Our Trained Dental Professionals will discuss with you the options in further detail, should Bone Grafting/Augmentation be required.

The better the Bone-Support in an area, the longer-lasting an Implant can be! Bone Grafting can be suggested when you are ready to place Implants into your mouth, or to preserve as much bone as possible to make future Dental Implant placements as straight-forward as can be. At Melbourne Centre for Dentistry, we want to give you every possible chance of gaining the best possible Smile you can (whilst making the whole process as Pain-Free as possible)!

Our dentist may require you to have a specialised CBCT scan (‘CT Scan’) prior to placing any Bone Grafting or Augmentation in your mouth and/or after the Bone Grafting/Augmentation has been allowed to integrate into the area. The CT scan shows the exact amount of bone-support available in the mouth currently, as well as the location of the sinus and the facial nerves, which may be relevant to Dental Implant placement in the future.

To see if you might be a suitable candidate for Bone Grafting/Augmentation or a Dental Implant placement, call our reception on (03) 9752 2694 for a no-obligation consultation. We offer Payment Plans for all Dental Treatments within our Clinics.


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