Should I Get Sedation for My Next Dental Procedure?

You’ve probably heard about sedation at the dentist’s office. At Centre for Dentistry, we offer relaxing sedation options at both our Brighton and Ferntree Gully locations. Here are a few reasons why you might want to request this service during your next visit:   If You’ve Been Putting off Treatment Because of Anxiety Delaying your dental treatment only allows time for conditions to get worse. Instead of waiting until you’re in too much pain to bear, it’s best to treat tooth decay and dental infections early. Sedation can help you do that.   When You Want Everything Done at Once … Continue reading

Benefits of Getting Braces as an Adult

A couple of decades ago, most people would have thought that getting braces was only something you did if you were in high school. Not anymore! In fact, adult orthodontic patients are becoming increasingly common in Brighton and Ferntree Gully. There are several reasons why. Not only do adults tend to have more access to quality dental and orthodontic care than what might have been available when they were children, but the health benefits of straighter teeth make getting braces a smart investment at any age.   Prolong the Health of Your Teeth  Properly aligned teeth tend to suffer less … Continue reading