Gum Health: It Impacts More Than Your Smile

Gum disease, also knows are periodontitis or periodontal disease, can be a very serious condition that not only affects your mouth but your body in general.   The Systemic Health Risks Studies have shown that gum disease can lead to heart disease. The bacterial infection in your gums gets into your bloodstream, which can lead to blood clots that cause you to have a heart attack or increase your risk of stroke. Diabetics are also at a high risk of developing gum disease. As such, those with diabetes should take extra precautions in caring for their teeth and gums.  Gum … Continue reading

Five Reasons to Consider Getting Dental Veneers

Centre for Dentistry in Brighton and Ferntree Gully in Victoria is dedicated to helping you make the right decisions regarding your dental health. Our oral health services include general, preventive and cosmetic.  In the past you may have heard of one of our most popular cosmetic procedures: dental veneers.  But what exactly are they? A dental veneer is an aesthetic cover that is usually made from porcelain or a similar material.  It is permanently affixed to the front of your natural tooth. Why consider getting veneers?   What are the benefits versus braces or bonding? Here are just a few…   … Continue reading