When Should You See a Dentist for an Emergency?

How can you tell whether or not your current situation warrants itself as an actual, true “dental emergency?” It’s not a silly question to ask! At Centre for Dentistry, our emergency dentists in Brighton and Ferntree Gully frequently see patients who have a serious dental concern but aren’t sure whether their situation calls for immediate care. Here are a few examples of when you should call us straightaway, even if you aren’t in pain:   A chipped front tooth: Even if it’s not painful, a broken front tooth can cause significant embarrassment when you go out into public. It requires … Continue reading

What to do If You Break a Tooth

It’s first thing Monday morning, and you’re in a rush to get everyone out the door on time. You turn around, bump a glass of water off the counter and reach down to pick it up, when you suddenly slip and hit your mouth on the side of the cabinet door.   That’s when you realize it: you just broke a tooth. You pause for a second and see the broken fragment on the floor when you feel the panic setting in.   First Things First Pick up the broken tooth and put it in a sealed container, immersing it … Continue reading