Five Reasons to Consider Getting Dental Veneers

Centre for Dentistry in Brighton and Ferntree Gully in Victoria is dedicated to helping you make the right decisions regarding your dental health. Our oral health services include general, preventive and cosmetic.  In the past you may have heard of one of our most popular cosmetic procedures: dental veneers.  But what exactly are they? A dental veneer is an aesthetic cover that is usually made from porcelain or a similar material.  It is permanently affixed to the front of your natural tooth. Why consider getting veneers?   What are the benefits versus braces or bonding? Here are just a few…   … Continue reading

Is My Dental Condition a True Emergency?

You just accidentally chipped a tooth. You’re not in any pain, but the broken enamel doesn’t feel all that great either. Do you call your dentist immediately to find out what you should do next? If you don’t have a dentist at all, is there one in Brighton or Ferntree Gully that offers same day emergency dentistry? Yes. But first, here’s where you should start…   Are you in pain? The top priority for all emergency dentists is to alleviate your pain and save your damaged tooth. But if you know something is wrong and you’re not in pain, you … Continue reading